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Our story

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Our mission

We reconnect the relationship between the living ecosystems in the soil, our health, and farmers and land owners with the help of our regenerative solutions and unique mobile laboratory analysis. Ecological principles and ethical values are the foundation for our regenerative services.

Through precise observation and analysis, we can diagnose the diversity of the soil microbial life. Any imbalances can then be healed and restored through our liquid compost solutions.

Through the cultivation of mutually beneficial relationships, we can connect both farmers, growers and landowners to the life of the planet to restore our relationship with nature. Together we can create a new narrative for the way we manage the land.

Our story

Our partnership came together through very different life paths, both cultural and educational, but it seemed we always had one thing in common: a mutual respect and admiration for nature and all its mystery.

We had known each other for a short time, but we instantly connected and committed into a partnership and created a project that would bring meaning to our lives and eco-existence. A symbiosis.

Through our creativity, experience and knowledge we put all our trust in each other and initiated the creation of Symbiosis Soil Lab. Jake, the Soil Regeneration Specialist, and Silvia, the Business and Communications Manager.

Our team

Soil Microbiologist and
Ecological Designer

Jake Corin


My name is Jake, I was born in Cornwall, but I have lived and travelled in various countries across the world. My studies include Ecological Design Thinking MA at Schumacher College, Soil Food Web with Dr Elaine Ingham and BSc Ethnobotanical Plant Sciences. This has inspired my interest and respect for the indigenous cultures and their ecological practices across the planet. I became fascinated with the many uses of plants, and especially the diverse ways in which food could be cultivated. This has led to my excitement in the fields of microbiology and also social and ecological design systems.

My studies combined with my travel experiences taught me a lot and especially helped me to gain insight into the multicultural and diverse perspectives within our planet. Whilst in the Himalayas I came across the principles of Permaculture, this encouraged me to deepen my knowledge on natural design and values. I became especially interested in agroforestry, syntropic agriculture and dryland restoration.

Many great teachers have inspired me, combined with my time in the deserts of Spain and on ‘The Greening the Desert’ project in Jordan about the importance of soil. Various synchronicities in the Middle East led me to Vipassana meditation, as I learned ecological balance starts from a balanced mind and being conscious of the interconnectedness within our planet.

Business Development and
Communication Manager

Silvia Silva


My name is Silvia Silva, which derives from Latin and means forest. I am from a village in central Portugal, I grew up with my grandmother, who instilled strong values of respect for nature, in my early years.

Although from the countryside, I was always curious about the city and the other side of the screen, which led me to study Multimedia and Audiovisual in both Lisbon and London, where I developed creative skills. However, I realised that this career did not add meaning and fulfilment to my life.

This led me to participate in entrepreneurship programs such as the “Start-up Leadership Program” with the mentor Stewart Noakes from Canopy Community. This was a key moment in my life as it opened many doors for me, and one of them was to participate in the first Unleash event supported by the United Nations – A Global Innovation Lab for SDGs in Denmark, 2017. My written essay was selected for the event under the 12 Goal, among thousands around the world. It was based on the problem: “Large multinational chains are destroying local cultures, histories and markets. How can we protect artists, artisans and workers and preserve cultural and vocational heritage?”.

The “Start-up Leadership Program”, the emergence of my entrepreneurial and  systemic and creative attributes led me to start an MBA at the University of Exeter, UK. It was a unique experience of heightened awareness providing personal and vocational transformation.

Today, it is with great pride that I present myself as co-founder and business director of the company Symbiosis Soil Lab. My role here is to help small- and large-scale producers, private or public, to provide effective, ethical and sustainable solutions to the problems associated with the degradation of ecological systems and thus elevate Symbiosis Soil Lab’s values across borders.

I am also responsible for the Symbiosis Soil Lab identity and the development of its communication and education strategies. Including plans that raise microbiological knowledge to everyone, and specifically to both the agricultural and forestry sectors. Helping us all to rethink the narrative of current land management practices.