What is Symbiosis Soil Lab

We are a dedicated team of specialists with a passion for restoring nature, using both innovative analysis and regenerative methods.

We provide a mobile lab service for analysis of the soil microbiology on site. We then develop liquid solutions to restore the health of the living soil food web. Our mobile lab also provides an educational experience based on projections that illustrate the microbiology within the soil onto a big screen. Helping you to reach a greater understanding of the life conditions within the soil.

Our services aim to deliver the best land restoration solutions and our methods can be applied to a variety of land management practices, these include agriculture, horticulture and regenerative land conservation projects.

Why our service is essential


A healthy soil food web is essential for good aerobic soil structure. Why? A diversity of microbiology within the soil food web can be beneficial in many ways:

  • Increased nutrient cycling
  • Optimal water use
  • Increased fertility
  • Protection from pests and diseases
  • Suppression of weeds
  • Suppression of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers
  • Higher production yields

The problem with many land management and agricultural practices is that they degrade the life within the soil.

Heavy machinery, tillage, pesticides and synthetic fertilisers compress, destroy and contaminate the soil. These practices disrupt the soil food web and create a dependence on pesticides and synthetic fertilisers to sufficiently grow crops.

These are now showing to have many negative consequences beyond the land they were applied. In addition to this, prolonged application of these products year after year can become very expensive for farmers to sustain their business.

How we can help


Restoring soil health is vital for long term sustainability. We analyse and determine the right stage of succession with an optimal ratio between different microbes, high numbers of individual species and high diversity. Our liquid solutions enhance these qualities within the soil then provide a higher quality output and yield for your project or business needs.

Our liquid inoculations cultivate beneficial microorganisms and enhance diversity within the soil. The solutions emphasise the importance of oxygen levels and through concentrated applications benefiting the land and plant life. We then work with you to create a personalised and strategic management plan. According to your needs we also can provide integrated ecological design and regenerative solutions for your specific operation.